21 Jul, 2009

Man seeks massive printer

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Around eight months ago, Mark Webber began work on his latest project, which he is very nearly ready to print. It’s a typographic map of Paris. It’s in French (naturally) and, being a linocut, Webber has had to carve out every single street name, in reverse. Oh and it’s 1.8 metres across…

To date he’s taken a whole two months on just the carving but the 1.5m by 1.8m block is now ready to receive some paper. But Webber has a problem – he can’t find a suitable printer who can accomodate his enormous piece of lino.

Half way (note the comfy pillows)

Webber, who emailed CR some images of his endeavours, acknowledges that even inking the thing up will take some doing.

And, not wanting to detract from his skill and Herculean efforts here, we still wondered what he does if he makes a mistake?

“If I make a mistake – a big mistake – I have to use a scalpel to cut out the section of lino and re-work it. That’s only happened on my first ever lino though,” he says.

“The mistakes I’ve made in others have, I think, added to the design. With this Paris map, I’ve tried my hardest to make it accurate, but I’m not a French speaker so it’s bloody hard. It’s just a lot of checking and I’d rather like the pieces to not have to be chopped up, as that kind of ruins it.”

Le full monty

So far, Webber hasn’t had too much luck sourcing a press who can take on the printing of his beast.

If anyone can help, then feel free to drop him an email, here. Check out his website for more lino works, such as his previous maps of New York and London

We look forward to posting the results.



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