23 Sep, 2009

Dove Love and more nice work

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Foster’s Pure Blonde beer ad; agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne; creatives: Emma Hill, Josh Robbins; prod co: The Sweet Shop; director: Steve Ayson


Here’s a selection of the ads and music videos that we’ve enjoyed watching at CR Towers of late. First up we see Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne create some dove love for Foster’s Pure Blonde beer…


Audi poster campaign; agency: BBH London; creatives: Kevin Stark, Toby Allen, Nick Kidney, Jim Hilson; image created by Alex Murray, Mission Possible

BBH London has created this elegant poster campaign for Audi which is currently on show across the city.


Creatives: Andy Clough, Richard McGrann; type: Rich Kennedy; illustrator: Alex Trochut


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Sony Footbull; agency: Dare Digital; prod co: Academy; director: Kim Gehrig


You may have already seen this viral, but as the event it refers to – Sony Twilight Football – kicked off yesterday, we thought we’d share it anyway. Dare Digital is behind it.



This mural is on display at clothing shop Howies on Carnaby Street in London and we rather like it. It shows the shop’s ‘Geek’s Corner’, a free library of books in the store for customers to browse. The illustration is by Jessie Ford.



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Here Comes Trouble by Ill Ease, directed by George Wu


Now for a couple of music videos that have taken our fancy lately. First up is Here Comes Trouble for Ill Ease, which is directed by George Wu.


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Givin’ Up by Lifelong Friendship Society, directed by Lifelong Friendship Society


Finally, we end this sweet animation video for Givin’ Up by One Eskimo, directed by Lifelong Friendship Society.

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