20 Nov, 2013

Brett Whiteley Exhibition in Newcastle

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brett whiteley exhibition

I wasn’t planning to look at any art today but I found myself in Newcastle with nothing to do. The thing I drove there for was cancelled, so rather than turning around and driving back home I popped in to see the Brett Whiteley exhibition at the Newcastle Art Gallery: Whiteley on Water.

It’s a smallish exhibition looking at life on, in and around water. Whiteley on Water is probably a very ordinary exhibition in reality, but I’m very biased as I love the man. You could say he popped my art cherry many years ago. I see more faults in his art now that I’m older, but his drawings are masterful. His best drawings are as good as any drawings I have ever seen.

brett whiteley drawing of crab

Brett Whiteley – Drawing of a crab. I only had my phone with me to take photos, so they’re not very good. I also don’t have the dates and titles of the works.

brett whiteley beachscape

This was going to be a very large, multi-panel painting of Australia. The artist was working on it when he died.

brett whiteley sculpture

Brett Whiteley sculpture of a nude woman.

brett whiteley works on paper

Some lovely Brett Whiteley ink drawings.

pelican sculptureA bronze pelican sculpture, which was made with a palm frond.

brett whiteley drawing

Brett Whiteley ink drawing.. wonderful!

brett whiteley painting

Brett Whiteley – Summer at Carcoar. I haven’t seen this painting for a long time. I probably looked at it a thousand times as an art student.

Here’s a blurb from the gallery..

Sun, bodies and beauty are all represented with an underlying element of danger – much like the idea of the Australian coast. Whiteley consistently highlighted this tension found in nature throughout his practice with fibreglass sharks diving upwards and eggs balancing precariously atop vertical growing plinths. His beloved Lavender Bay is also depicted with such intense and prolonged observation, the subject of some of his most successful works.

The Whiteley on Water exhibition is on at the Newcastle Art Gallery through to the 23rd of February. Gallery details can be found at their website here.

Brett Whiteley’s My Armchair painting recently sold for a record $3,927,272 at auction.

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